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Very clear, detailed and genuine instruction. I have been a dedicated martial artist for more than 30 years in many arts including Taiji, and have worked as a Registered Osteopath for over 20 years. Sifu Torben brings a refreshing honesty and openness to his teaching, combined with a wealth of experience in Taiji, Qigong, and western science.


I can honestly say that the quality of the online material on Exploring Taiji is first rate, and is the best Taiji training you could do if you are on your own, or can’t train directly with Sifu Torben – I highly recommend his online course to you, and encourage you to look out for his forthcoming book on Taiji and Qigong.


– Meraz Amhed

I have been a student of Taiji for a little while but studying with Sifu Torben quickly took my practice to new levels, through enhanced partnerwork, energy flow and increased pleasure in practice.


I had an amazing week’s worth of daily practice with Sifu Torben in Denmark where I got to practice with him and his students, and gain a better understanding on how to improve upon my weaknesses. Sifu Torben demonstrated high level skills! He knows how to communicate and he cares so deeply about helping those on the path towards “internal” development. Thank you Sifu Torben.


– Robert Evers

I want to thank Sifu Torben for showing me how real Taiji schould be. I have gained some new insights that will add depth to my understanding and my overall internal cultivation.


Sifu Torben has won my immediate respect!


– Lai-Wing Hao, KEI Kung Fu Academy

I highly recommend this online course. It has definitely given me much (too much at times) to work on. The foundation of the course is geared around learning the Taiji of the incredibly skillful Sam Tam (Torbens current and main teacher). Torben’s teaching style is very relaxed so at first glance you may overlook what an authority on Taiji he actually is. But as you begin to work with the material the changes in your practice become clear.


This was enough for me visit Torben and learn privately from him as well as organise and attend his workshops. The combination of online and personal training cant be beaten. However if you cant get to see him anytime soon Exploring Taiji is a resource that will benefit you for years.


– Jon Price

I looked for a way to deepen my practice and knowledge. I watched an interview with Sifu Torben and liked his positive and more than humble behavior and answers.


Now using his videos which are very clear and precise they augment my current training and I look forward to learn more online and in person.


– Oliver Münstedt

I have been studying under Torben Bremann for close to 15 years and his level of skill still surprises me.


On top of that Torben is one of those rare teachers who has managed to keep his “beginners mind” and allows his students to feel both his strenghts and weaknesses as they are.


– Peter Munthe-Kaas

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