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The basic curriculum of exploring taiji is 1 video each week for 125 weeks. That is more that 2 years of in depth material for your taiji development.


The first 10 weeks looks as follows:
Week 1: Loosening and warmup exercises
Week 2: Wuji and Basic-connection exercise
Week 3: Loosening exercise 1
Week 4: Standing meditation
Week 5: Loosening exercise 3
Week 6: Up and down movement
Week 7: Loosening exercise 5
Week 8: Introdoction to and opening of the taiji form
Week 9: Left ward off
Week 10: Grasp sparrows tail – part 1


Download the full curriculum here


Below you can find samples of some of the training sessions you have in store if you subscribe to Exploring Taiji.

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With a subscription to Exploring Taiji you will get access to a new video instructed by sifu Torben Bremann every week.  You can see the full curriculum list here.


You can choose between 3 different subscriptions.
– €200 every year (17 a month)
– €60 every 3 months (20 a month)
– €25 every month


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