Exploring Taiji | with Torben Bremann
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“After close to 30 years of training and more than 20 years of teaching I have decided to develop this online teaching program at the request of my students. It gives me a chance to share my teaching with a bigger audience and let people who lives far away from me, get access to the teaching.


If it is your goal to apply taiji for its original purpose – to develop physical, mental, and energetic qualities useful for martial and civil skills – then this is a program for you.”

Torben Bremann

Extensive video course

With a subscription to this page you get access to all training videos by Torben Bremann. Learn or relearn taiji from the basic to the advanced with the support of one of Europes most qualified teachers.


You will get access to a new video every week with detailed instructions on how to progress in your practice. In addition to the videos you will once in a while get written instructions on how to improve your practice.


You will find that as you progress into the program that you will revisit some of the same themes again and again as Torben will add more details to – lets say your standing meditation practice – to deepen your understanding – when you are ready for it.


He will also include different qi gong and breathing exercises that will greatly improve your health as well as preparing and open up your body and joints – so that you can benefit the most from your taiji.


Obviously the program have an offset in the inner core of taiji, but the program is also influenced by Torbens background in both western – and eastern medicine, and you are therefore guaranteed that there will be no fantasies or crazy things that are not rooted in reality.


Learning something new always means it comes from outside our normal way of thinking, and instruction here is practically a necessity. You will find that Torben teaches completely open since it is his top priority that you really get something out of the program! He only sees himself a success as a teacher, when you succeed. That is his top priority! Like the proverb beautifully puts it:


“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Exclusive videos

In addition to the many hours of instructional videos, as a member you will also get acces to lots of exclusive video material from Torbens many years of exploring taiji.


You will be presented with private footage from many of Torbens training sessions. From seeing the chen style performed by his late teacher He Gong De to his current practice with master Sam Tam.

Subscribe to Exploring Taiji

Exploring taiji membership

From: 25.00 / month


With a subscription to Exploring Taiji you will get access to a new video instructed by sifu Torben Bremann every week.  You can see the full curriculum list here.


You can choose between 3 different subscriptions.
– €200 every year (17 a month)
– €60 every 3 months (20 a month)
– €25 every month


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